Taiwan Zen Study Group

Taipei City, Amsterdam



Greetings and Thanks for Coming

We are spiritual group meeting Teipei City many years. Please check Taipei downtown library for our meetings datas. We prefer presence in real life not online.

Taipei City: Meditation weekday evening in our centre 19:00 to 20:00. We have mats or bring your own. Discussion downtown library across street Tuesday at 20:30. Sunday worday invitation only begin 9:00, discussion 11:00, after that lunch.

Amsterdam: Since pandemic we only meeting on Zoom. Notify by email when events resume.

This month an deceased American Zen teacher helpful to read. Please not distribute in USA for copyrights.

The Albigen Papers by Richard Rose

的論文 阿爾比派

Study group members only


Next month Subud: https://www.subud.org/